The Master and the Puppet

Do you  have the ability to smile and stay calm when angry? Are you somebody who goes through life reacting? Or someone who  faces life responding… A student driver is so tense and afraid while driving, because he or she knows he is not yet in full control of the vehicle; A veteran driver is very…

Written Life – 140

Don’t pray for lots of money, cause a person can have millions even billions and not a grain of peace of mind. Instead ask for peace of mind, cause that person most certainly have enough money. – nersonangelo Author image: Alaxandra_Koch/Pixabay Public Domain (Thanx!!) Link 

Written Life – 139

I can’t believe there were moments in my life when I hated you, though I always knew, that during times when everyone changes hue, one color will remain true; and that is You. – nersonangelo About image: tpsdave/Pixabay Public Domain (Thanx!!) Link 

Written Life – 138

If we only knew… we should have thanked you, when you said No. – nersonangelo This was inspired while reading the book “What are you Afraid of by “Dr. David Jeremiah; The part of the book was telling the story of Hezekiah king of Judah, when the Lord God told him that He’s going to…