Written Life 161 – Fade

So you stand out there watching me, fade away I'm swimming on a lake waters running, running dry Darkness eating out this lonely little fire A field in the summer A field in the winter every thing is fading or are they just changing I have a feeling they will come for me again Watch …

Written Life – 160

There’s something deeply beautiful with those very rare times when you discovered someone you really love in spite of the knowledge they will never discover you. Photo: Hin Bong Yeung@hinbong

Written Life – 159

Life is so fleeting, there’s no time to worry about people, and don’t be sorry if possible. Own your greatness and your shortcomings. Go express yourself. Photo: Fuu J@fuuj

Written Life – 157

Only when you finally decide that you truly love something, that this is it; is when you move to a whole new level of quality, feel and performance.. -nersonangeloPhoto: Austin Neill@arstyy

Written Life – 156

Time spent with focus travels fast and far with little consumption, time spent with cluttered attention travels fast without attaining much distance and consumes precious resources like a wild fire..-nersonangeloPhoto:Aron Visuals@aronvisuals

Written Life – 154

Art lets you give love to someone you will never know. Art lets you be loved by someone you will never know..Artist on Photo: Singer Songwriter, Grace VanderWaal

Written Life – 150

If you truly love someone or something you don’t care about wrong moves, you just move.Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash.com