Often times I tend to forget about a very important truth, that although I don't have a voice in the world and that there is but a very little chance for it to hear me, I have the gift of prayer; a form of a voice always heard not by the world but by someone … Continue reading Voice



I have perceived that you oh lord does not want your people to think of tomorrow, but rather remember and rehearse what you have taught us in the past for we are thy witnesses and carrier of thy testimony at the moment.


This life will always feel strange, we will always have this internal longing of going home to a certain place, cause it's just not our real home. Our true home is with God; but what is good about this fact is that anytime we can actually choose to go home, cause home is within us.


It is quite straightforward to figure out what are the real and worthy parts of life; just look intently and observe them, and when you see "being of service to others while being happy at the same time" is present in them then they are what you are looking for.


Even if you are the richest man in the world, never think you have the right to waste water or energy or any part of life giving Nature just because you are the one paying for it. No one will ever have that right.


Waters are beautiful when they flow, and glorious are the birds when they spread their wing of freedom and fly; and so are your words, may they scatter like glitters of light in the ocean as it reflects the magnificent sun.