Written Life – 95



5 thoughts on “Written Life – 95

    • Yes Rex… 🙂 it became really engraved habit.. Every time I realize simple life lessons I turn them into a quote.. I always talk to myself and write it down, cause after a few seconds usually they would be gone and just leave wondering what it was so I have always a little notebook and a pencil within reach.. It makes me really happy, during “nice” days I could right 3 to 5 of them.. Usually only 1 a day. I keep saving them in my Olive Tree notes account, then I just choose from them. There are times that my post today was written last year or yesterday, or today.. You can read more about it in my “about” Page.. Thanks much for asking.. 🙂

      I read much, so it could also happen that I might accidentally create a copy. But I’m always careful. Hopefully not.. 🙂

      • You are so much like me. Quotes and poetry keeps descending into my head and I keep my notebook ready. And all things in life seem like they are speaking to me and that what is being said has to be written down. I have woken up in the middle of the night too because something nice came up.

        I completely understand you and I love your quotes so much. Doesn’t matter from last year. Wisdom knows no age. Keep the good work going!


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