Old Road


Old friend
I never thought
I’d ever set foot on you again
Not sure if you could remember
Unlike you, my time runs faster
faster than these your friends
who never left you

they still feel so familiar though
Some are gone
some have grown
some managed to reach out to each other
almost like embracing you

Look! the old sign still standing
I don’t understand what it says before
Now I don’t understand it
even more

The world around us have changed so much
But here we are
with something much like before
staring at each other
The same old soul.

– nersonangelo


image: Janeb13/Pixabay Public Domain (Thank U!!) Link


2 thoughts on “Old Road

    • Thanx I like it too.. It has many problem parts in my free-write but it came out nice.. happy you enjoyed it.. feels like a wanna go back to those simple years in the past, some light-hearted worry-free yet strange sunset afternoon in a hometown road, that’s what I was reminiscing while writing it.


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