Composer Desk

Hi..! This is my personal composing reference notebook. I find it helpful during composing music, might help you too. It’s in Microsoft OneNote format and you can access it with a browser. There’s not much content yet but I will be updating it from time to time.

note: Be sure to navigate through the notebook by clicking on a menu bar on the upper left; Online OneNote has a different format. Click the image to view notebook.

Note Contents:
– Music Theory Diagrams
– Guitar Licks
– Guitar Exercises
– My personal Repertoire

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.22.53 AM

-Musician Institute: Ear Training for the Contemporary Musicians by Keith Wyatt et. al.
-Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Guitar Execises by Hemme Luttjeboer
-Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Music Theory 2nd ed. by Michael Miller



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