Finally Free


When will this feeling find an end…
I’m so certain except me
uncertainty feels so empty
empty is so heavy

Everyday like you’re a part of me
how long will you stay…
you’re something I can almost see
uncertainty feel so empty
empty is so heavy

If I can only remember
and have a word with you all day
then I can step back to yesterday
those days I so long to see
I maybe carrying things so heavy
yet you’re this strong
you can easily carry anything including me

I can see those days so clearly
the warm late afternoon sun
the wind, the moment I can forever stay
I breathe so deeply, you air the scent of trees

I think I lost the certainty
of when or did you really happen
or maybe before I came
I just long for that moment
I don’t even know when

Someday I’ll be with you
then I’ll remember
this was what I saw
this was the scent
I’d be smiling
with that warm afternoon sun
reflecting my eyes
glowing my face
I raise my hands
close my eyes
breathe so deeply
I’m finally free.

– nersonangelo





Beautiful Landscape image: Pixabay Creative Commons (Thank you..)



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