The Giant – Robin Sharma


There was once a little boy…

…he was full of creativity, fire and love.

…he lived with wonder, wanted to be heroic and was absolutely present, to every moment.

…he truly believed he was a giant, brave and strong and fierce.

…and he truly thought he was a pirate, making his own rules, playing his own game and leading his original life.


…at school, his teachers taught him to be like everyone else. Walk in a single file. Smother his confidence for the sake of fitting in. Stifle his heartfelt dreams. Never be a giant. Be a small child, they said.

…at home, his parents told him to follow their rules, to fit into society and to put on a fake mask of superficiality, as he walked into the community. “Stop being a pirate,” they said, “be realistic and practical and ordinary.”

And so…

…the little boy began to forget who he really was. A giant with great powers and lofty ambitions. And a pirate, who protected his authenticity and loved being different.

…he went through school. Studied hard. Got a job. Was married. Had children. Bought an average house on an average street and ate average food and had average friends and thought average thoughts and felt average feelings and made average money and had average routines and lived an average life.


…he forgot he was a giant. And a pirate.

-Robin Sharma



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