Look How Far He Went Just to Save Me (Why am I a Christian)


Why Am I Christian, The Essence of Christianity

“Never the less not my will, but thy will be done”

Jesus Christ became a real man yet a seer (prophet) at the same time.. Therefor he knew the inevitable event that will happen to him – the Cross.

Unlike common fear experienced by men which is fear marred with uncertainty, his was the fear of something that is already real. So he said, Father if you will;  take this cup (suffering) away from me, but nevertheless not my will but thy will be done. He said this because as someone that is one with God, he knows; “that” one part of his nature which he could not deny; which is justice, and he is about to justify a sinful generation for love sake. Now there’s no other way to fulfill his nature of justice and at the same time express his love by saving a sinful creation. He has to pay the price; He reshaped the very nature of justice in the most beautiful and painful way through love and suffering..

God suffered the greatest pain of all; watching his most precious, one and only son be tortured and brutally killed by the very beings he is trying to save.

For me this is the depth  and beauty of Christianity.

And Christ’s resurrection was the dawning of Christian faith; as so many witnesses all willing to die and died holding on to their testimony of the Truth of Christ’s resurrection. No, it will be very difficult to convince even one to die for a lie… Yet so many was tortured and died holding on to the truth of Christ’s Resurrection.

Some books that I know of, amongst the thousands discussing Scientific and Historical Facts solidifying the ancient and modern interconnections of Jesus Christ prophesies and fulfillments.

Game Plan for Life – Joe Gibbs

Also the works of Josh McDowell


“But blessed are those who did not see but believed.”

We did not seek for evidences when we first got to know Christ, we just felt and embraced him; still we die each day, each time rising; holding on to life hoping ‘till the very end.

But know and seek these evidences and scientific facts for the lost that might need our strength.

Written Life – 0

– I’m so stupid.. Why do I feel so helpless.. I’m so Lost..  I’m so Confused.. You Love me so.. I hate what I do..



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