Pay the Price

Most days I walk in a thin line
between sleeping and the wake
sway from side to side
almost unconsciously
while at the same time
kept hearing a cry, “stay with it”
echoing from the depths of me

It’s excruciating and almost funny
my dreams has led me in many  a colorful and
lonely ways, even lonely days

Still I’m very sleepy
my eyeballs rolling down
much like the possessed in the undead movies
If only I have someone watching me
it would be hilariously funny

I’ve got plenty of time
Somehow I manage
to get distracted in many ways
So I must pay the price
for on that course I must stay
my so precious comfort hay, I’m sorry
This is a price I must pay.

-nersonangelo (Written Life – 135)

Image: Shotpot / Pixabay Public Domain (Thanks!) image Link




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