Written Life – 132 (Who is God to you?)


There’s a channel in Youtube that I really love, very inspiring Infinite Water (Diving Deep) but sometimes I don’t agree to his ideas.. In a video he revealed  his belief that the true God is all of us and everything around us; Energy and vibrations etc. This was my comment and stand below.. His video is also embedded below..

Comment on Youtube:

Your God is vibration and energy.. we are all accidents if we believe that.. I don’t want to live if I die and I will become a vibration after.. Who created vibration and energy in the first place.. Even Einstein in his great understanding of the universe, vibration, energy (your god) and what not, admitted that it is just impossible for a design as great as our universe to be an accident.. An accident will never end up as beautiful and as perfect as our universe, only the design of an infinitely intelligent being can end in such.. Read Einstein the life and times.. When the greatest physicist master physics they turn to Metaphysics (beyond physics) the reason is that there is just so much that science can’t explain.. We should not judge the traditional concept of God, if we haven’t even gave our best to read and more important understand the Holy Bible cover to cover.. The Bible withstood the passing of time, were talking about thousands of years maybe more and is the most powerful book in all of existence and we will put our trust more to youtube which is maybe half our age..? Love what your doing Ralph and I thank you, we are all still in a journey you and me, us..

The Video: Title: How to Decipher The God Program | WARNING!

Where do you stand?

image: Geralt/Pixabay Public Domain Link




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