The Stop


Life has gone by
Saw me, eyes closed
Sitting on a stop
Drizzly cold night
Worn backpack sitting on my lap

My beard have grown alright
Hatches, unsettled lines
Gladness, some of sadness
traces of memories
time have sketched all over my face

Somehow I wonder what happened
To the bright blue sky
To the light sprinkled nights
Are they all but lies?

I notice I have a tie
How long has it bee hangin’ by
Ah my old trusty shoe
It’s been so long since I looked down on you
You still feel so comfortable though

Hey it’s starting to rain again
Light shower, distant thunders
I smell life when it rains
Like soft cool morning dew

The rain is getting stronger
I feel safe in this tiny shelter though
I think I was here yesterday
And oh the other day
I was here everyday.


Image: heartnotes, pixabay Public Domain


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