Mighty Blind


Somehow I realize
That the crowd never is wise
It listens to a sudden silence
And start mumbling once you read your lines

It is kind if tradition you keep in mind
It holds a certain pride
As though superior above all kind
Yet it creeps behind a leader
A leader that is blind
It just creeps behind him never looking forward
No, not even a little peek on the side
Burdened heavy, notions on both shoulders,
Blinders covering its eyes

Courage, oh thou with great courage hiding in numbers
Internal motives garden of flowers,
Flourishing magnificence above rotting bed

Scattered, and they won’t know whence they came
Broken mob once mighty, now won’t even remember its name.
Killers of the visionary
Spoilers of change

A story so common
Running on the bloodlines of our entire history
ever since the most ancient of times
‘Till this very day.


Image: Pixabay, Public Domain



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