The Fork of the Pen (on Writing)


A great teacher once has this to say
Unless you can find something you really wanna say
You cannot be great in any way

Yet someone equally great stood on the other side of the fork
and said that amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of
us just get up and go to work

Is it then better to be patient, and let staring on the blank canvass
Be part of the work?
Or mightily put that pen unto paper even at the moment the mind
Has nothing caught?

Still someone said, it is because you have it the wrong way,
We writers should not think, but rather listen to catch that beauty
one is destined to say.

I just humbly think that writing is not like molding clay,
which can never be transformed nor reshaped by the end of day.

Artwork: Throes of Creation by Leonid Pasternak



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