Nevermore (Tribute to a master)


Why in a whisper and why of many times you said nevermore?
Like echoes emanating from this very core
Why your ominous presence remind me of a name, Lenore
Like a long lost part violently tore?

Piercing gazing eyes like staring at one ye abhor
Creature of darkness broke ye the chains of forgotten lore?
Darkest of creatures thou grin superior behind a thin shadow
Deepest of darkest red, thou blood gorged eyes they glow

Tell me, tell me why thy presence in times so low
Seeking thou an audience standing on the brink gazing below?
Perched thou mighty grinning above my door
Or is that…
Is that the door to my lost Lenore?

Tell me oh thou demon above the door
Why the utter of a many nevermore?
Tell me! thou grinning abysmal creature above my door!
Why thou voice utter is coming from my deepest core..

Thou blood gorged eye becoming the shadow of the floor
The sound of thy nevermore echo and echo, endless from my core
Echo and echo bellows from the deepest darkest bore
Engulfing darkness all and all, howling demons,
Nevermore.. Nevermore..


‘Till the day E.A. passed away the Raven never revealed why “Nevermore” so I asked him even more.. 🙂
A tribute to a mighty work “The Raven” by E.A.Poe
Artwork credit to meshfx



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