screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-6-41-08-amCan’t help but admire your patience
You stood there all day
Can’t help but wonder
What you’re expecting from me

You never changed since that day
You’ve waited so steadfastly
You didn’t know I was watching
Your eyes far to the direction
I said goodbye

Master I wish you well
You will soon be back I could tell
I’m still standing here
On the place you said farewell

The day has fallen
I wonder why no one came
My eyes are now heavy
I had to sleep and wish you’re okay

When I open my eyes I pray
It’s because I heard you calling me
I wish this night would soon be over
So when you come, 
again we could play


Hachiko, a true story of a dog in japan who waited on a train station for the return of his owner (who died at work and could no longer meet him back at the station) for more than 9 years.





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