My Song – Lyrical Poetry


My Song

Seems like there’s no where else to go
your like a shadow everywhere I go
Your the only thing I’m good at
without you theres nothing else to do

Every other things just come and go
Even people, there are so few I know
Everything else I do, I blow
Every other else I tend to let go

This is my soul
this is my song
this is my call
this is what I do

My bones are breaking still I’m not stopping
My body’s aching but I keep moving
They’re so promising, but how come they’re faltering
I was nothing, you are the one thing

My eyes are heavy , my mind is angry
I fought blindly, I stated clearly
My body is small, My views are tall
it never stops, forever you call

Someday I’ll stand tall
Someday I’d still be small
But I don’t matter, cause it is you who call.

created:  July 2016

image: PDomain Pixabay



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