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I’m nerson angelo pis-an aka nersonangelo 🙂

I’m making original music compositions for almost a decade now but only realized and decided that it is my real passion in life a couple of years back ‘bout 2013. Kept running away from it, afraid of the craft’s inherent uncertainty; but it never gave up, kept pulling me back ‘till finally I gave up to it and here I am, all bridges, rising embers glowing from behind.

Everyday I do my very best to improve my composing skills and my overall musicianship so I could serve you better and I keep looking for ways to keep my daily practice fun, enteresting and most importantly; effective. Here’s a little peek at my practice journal.. 🙂

It’s 2015 and I’m at the end of my experimental stages of trying to figure out what my true musical genre is; almost at the end of my search of that type of music that really speaks to me and for me so I could bring them to you.

I always thank God that although I’m very much almost “socially broke” that I’m almost alone in life, he graciously provided me with very loving and supportive family, very few amazing friends and this amazing thing that never let’s go off me wherever I go, this thing they call music that’s very much a loneliness buffer for me, and my very way of reaching and serving others.

Truly, a strong passion and a goal to stare and strive forward to, the feeling of constant self-improvement and daily little wins by achieving tiny goals is the very cure of this dreadful thing we call loneliness.


I am so grateful for creators (developers) who created Patreon and the likes, for doing their best on creating amazing accessible ways for people like you, our  valued Patrons to easily support creators providing us more focused time and capability to continue enhancing our craft.

All this because many of us believe in the value of art, on its ability to enrich our lives.

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Thank You,


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Scenes behind the music
This Story Comes out of my music from time to time 🙂

Amidst Angels

Is a story broken down into pieces and scattered all across realms and time, and can only be pieced back together little by little with the use of music.

Main Characters
– Brian (True identity Unknown even to self)
– Flint (an Ancient dog whose grammar is better than Brian’s)

I’ve written a whole 1st chapter of this story (“The Crawler” Brian’s arrival) in one of my creation’s in Patreon, and others scattered on every music I create. (worded scenes started with “Vermilia Outskirts”)

Help me piece together this adventure through music.. Show your support to our friends Brian and Flint, here on Patreon.. 🙂

Thank You…

Cinematic Music

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