Written Life – 125 Desert Rain


I woke up one morning inside a beat-up car
with my hands still grasped on the wheel
where was I goin’
do’ know where I am in

A soft rain on the window
A mild sun on the mirror’s rim
Three times I pulled the door lock
But it had no plans of giving in
So as always a gave up,
Pulled down the window and started climbin

Looked back from whenced I came
An old highway lying nowhere
vanishing road, absent horizon
Stormy clouds, faint sun rising

It started so low, but I didn’t climb
Now it’s so high, no way I can
So I looked the other way,
And there was nothing,

I headed on, and I don’t know where
It’s not even a start
cause I could see nothing
Yeah there was nothing.

Image: unknown origin | Gsearch
words: nersonangelo


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