Ferric Rain | Adventure music creations


The sun is now halfway hidden behind the vast Vermillia horizon; still sending it’s majestic warm red rays across the exposed surfaces of the once mighty city, now a mere ghost town, a wasteland. Still, Brian and Flint could imagine the Red Queen’s former glory. As darkness slowly engulfed Vermillia, Brian and Flint followed a shadowy hidden path just beside the Red Queen’s City walls.

“I think we’re being watched.” Flint whispered. They stopped for a while. “Where?” Brian asked. “Not sure” Flint replied while looking at distant old buildings and Powerplant-like structures with weird contraptions along it’s sides. The buildings are now slowly drowning in their own shadows with only the rooftops still being touched by the sun’s rays.

Suddenly Brian and Flint felt mild tremors on the ground, and some weird distant very low-pitched humming sound. They hid themselves partially on the giant metal wheels of a nearby odd looking, broken down heavy equipment vehicle; almost 30 feet high from the ground to its highest part. “Whats happening!!” Brian ask still trying to keep his voice down. Flint saw a stairway behind a nearby building wall opening. “Up there!” “Okay!” Brian answered and quickly followed Flint as they raced inside and up the very old almost collapsing building and hurdled through rabbles and fallen ceiling materials. They finally decided to stop on the sixth floor and slowly creeped beside a large glass window panel.

“There,” Flint looking far down pointed something to Brian. “You see it?” “Yeah” Brian replied. From a clearing far down below, they could see a creature about 12 feet high producing a muffled odd humming sound and sending a very mild beam of light from time to time, almost like scanning the surrounding area. “What is it?” Brian ask. “How about you go ask him. I’ve got a feeling that it’s friendly.” Flint answered with both front feet raised on the window panels looking far down holding a grin on his face.

Both suddenly distanced themselves from the wide glass window as tiny little drops of water hit the glass panel and producing smoke just after each drop hits the glass surface. “It’s raining” Brian said. “A deadly rain” Flint replied followed with a deep inhale then a satisfying exhale. They decided to take rest for a while, admiring the dark heavens as it sends a glittering deadly drink to a thirsty dying land.

Creative Notes:

Wew!! Super stuck with this one. I need to improve my process..

Electric Guitar

Apps | Software
Tight n Dry D-Loops by DOD



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