Amidst Angels: Chapter One – The Crawler


“Amidst Angels”
Copyright ©2014 N.A.R.Pis-an (nersonangelo)

This is a literary work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

“Amidst Angels” is an on-going literary work that will be published periodically (per Chapter) and not final. Any events along the timeline of this book that will make the facts within the storyline incoherent and or illogical, will be subjected to adjustments and or corrections, just like how any other traditional books are reviewed and edited before publication.

Cover art by nersonangelo

Chapter 1 – The Crawler

The sound of giant pipes collapsing and falling to the ground echoed like thunder from a great distance. The echoes lingered for sometime then slowly drifted into total darkness. A great silence followed; a type of silence that is almost painful to the ears. Not even certain if he was breathing; he tried to listen but could not hear them. His mind without questions stood still and waited. Suddenly the sound of a single drop of water so clear and so near, it felt like its sound resonated from inside the head. Another drop followed, then a few and increasing, and then a gentle wisp of cold air touched and brought back his consciousness. Suddenly the need for air came to his attention, thus he bravely gasped for air for survival. It felt so much like a very long climb from the depths of an ocean and finally reaching the surface. He heard his heart beat really fast and loud. Still gasping for air he turned to his left. Apparently he found himself lying somewhere, all wet. He’s not certain if his eyes are already open, he could not see a damn thing.

“What the hell? What…” Still breathing heavily, he shook his head and lifted it up from the ground, trying to get water out from his ears, for he felt a shallow stream of water flowing where he was lying. He touched the ground, it is rough with a hint of rubber, “an asphalt pavement,” he thought. “What the hell? I’m in a freakin road? Am I drunk?” Brian tried to make a recollection where he was last night, but he couldn’t remember. He did not ask himself further, he became worried, subconsciously telling himself, if he’s really in the middle of a freakin road his in danger. Some area of his mind is supposing that he is just dreaming. Although he could not see anything, the moment felt very real and he has to move. He pushed his arms to the pavement to lift his body, and tried to put his body into a crawling position, but something is wrong with his leg. Suddenly he growled in pain when he tried to lift his legs to bend his knees. The feeling is very similar to that sensation when sleeping in a wrong position and a limb gets deprived of blood flow for a long time. So he decided to lay flat, pushed both his arms backwards bringing himself into a sitting position. His legs numb and pain is increasing as the blood flow is commencing back into his lower extremities. Brian squinted and finally shut his eyes as the pain reached to almost unbearable. He turned himself from side to side trying to lower the pain. Fear for his safety suddenly came back to mind and partially blocked Brian’s attention to the pain, he dragged himself backwards with his arms, he can’t see where the side of the road is, but instinctively his brain told him to follow a downward slope of the pavement to the side until he felt a change in the ground from asphalt to pebbles and small rocks that is bellow a slightly deeper stream of water.

He tried to reach further to the side of the road using his left arm but wasn’t able to take a hold of anything, so he instinctively moved further to the side of the road just to have a visual picture of his surrounding. To his minds satisfaction, he finally felt wet bushes on his hand then lost feeling of their texture as the leaves glided along his jacket covered arm. So his mind started to map out a little part of his all-black surrounding; that is asphalt road, then about two meters of rough-road on the edge of the asphalt road side, then bushes. Beyond those bushes he has no idea, most probably an upward slope to a hill or worst a cliff, but he has not a need to find that out. Little by little his eyes started to capture some very subtle light reflections from the water that is all over the place and still pouring hard from above. From a far, he began to hear the sound of a strong wind bashing through leaves of trees until the sound came really near and finally the wind very cold bashed through his entire body that he immediately started shivering. The ice-cold wind did not just pass by, but like a bully it started hovering and turning, flowing through everything all over the place, that like sonar used by bats to paint a picture of the place, the wind provided Brian a rough representation of the damned area he is in. A vast forest on his side of the road, then most probably a cliff on the right side, for the wind did not meet any resistance and did not create much sound on the other side of the road, unlike the loud tree sounds he is hearing on his side.

“Damn! wake up!” Brian told himself, still praying this is all but a bad dream. Shivering and breathing hard, he tried to move his legs, they are now responding a little and the pain is alleviating, but still very numb; hell! his entire body is starting to numb because of the wind and the rain. He moved a little back into the pavement cause the stones are painful to crawl on and begone to move forward guiding himself by touching the leftmost edges of the road. Brian thought it is wise to move along the direction of the the water.After some time, Brian covered about a hundred meters, really feeling helpless his body now feeling numb all over, “Hey!! Anybody there!??” He shouted in desperation. Thankfully the rain is now calming down, and he noticed that the stream flowing through his knees and arms are now going sideways probably damping into the cliff into the right side of the road, cause he felt that he is on an ascending part of the road, an uphill. He continued climbing the ascending road. “Hey!! Anyone there!??” He continued to desperately call for help, but back on his mind he knows he’s just wasting his energy shouting, the wind is so noisy for anyone to hear him, but he still took his chances, calling for help from time to time, but to no avail. He stopped and rested as he reached a leveled area after the climb. He is now most probably on top of a hill, good for spotting any light sources below. He wiped his eyes with his hands so he could see more clearly. He can now see the rain, like glitters of silver falling from heaven, and about half a mile below is a weak flickering light. Brian did not know what the flickering light was but it also gave him a flickering hope.

Chapter 1 (Area 2)

Brian’s eyes with the help of the little light source can now partially see the surrounding. “What the hell? This is a freakin highway! Stupid politicians built a freakin giant highway and forgot about the lighting!?” Brian Humored himself trying to build some strength and reduce his confusion and fear. Basing on the flickering lights distance, he realized that from the climb, the highway is now on a gradual descent. Brian felt that although his legs are numb, their strength are now back and the pain was almost gone. So he tried to stand, staggered a bit and finally succeeded on standing. He embraced his jacket squeezing out its water contents thus decreasing the load he is carrying. Brian tried to reach on his back reaching out for his jacket’s hood and put it on covering his head. Even in his situation, Brian felt thankful for the little enclosing comfort it gave. Slowly he started walking, both arms around embracing his own body trying to create some warmth but still shivering and breathing fast and shallow, in his body’s unconscious effort to control cold air from entering his body. Slowly and with a little hope he moved towards the light, staggering, regaining balance and resting from time to time and at the same time making sure his on the safe side of the the highway.

Time past and he is now halfway from where he first saw the light, and he could see he’s nearing it and it’s not flickering anymore. “Maybe due to the distance and the rain” Brian thought. He cannot lose sight of it because of the gradual decent of the highway. The heavens gained its strength yet again and brought down heavy rains. All around returned to pitch black, “just like how all this shit started.” Brian thought in anger and desperation. The sound of every raindrop that touches every sphere created a vivid picture of the surrounding, and the cold blowing wind and streams of water engulfing Brian’s body painted a very clear picture of a confused, desperate man. He continued to the direction of the light which is now almost invisible and the only thing he could see due to the heavy rain, until he managed to see the source of the light quite clearly about 400 hundred yards down the road. It was a pale yellow light coming from bulb hanging from a post, but when he looked down the post he suddenly stopped. He wiped his dripping face, trying to identify a shadowy figure below the post. “A man?” Brian asked himself. He keeps on wiping his eyes and moving forward to see clearer. From Brian’s “distant-point-of-view,” looking down the descending highway the single light post is now about two inches in height with a shadowy person standing below it.

The man seemed to be wearing a rain coat and is holding something. Hey!! Brian eagerly shouted hoping the man would hear but he was thinking it’s almost impossible the rain is pouring heavily and really loud. After shouting once, as he wiped his face one more time, just before his hand covered his eyes he somewhat caught a glimpse of the man moved and as his eyes were covered by his hand’s wiping motion, suddenly he heard a noise! louder than the rain and felt something hit his legs and immediately he fell down. Suddenly a surge of pain went up and sent his ears ringing and he shouted in pain. Just after his shout he heard another really loud shot. “Definitely a rifle round” thoughts running chaotic in Brian’s head, as he tried to feel if he got hit again, but thankfully not. Brian crawled to the side groaning. Curious he tried to touch the part of his legs that he think got hit, cause he could not see anything. But when his hand reached the part he felt another surge of pain, which sent him shouting! Just about a second when he shouted, another shot was fired, this time he heard a dull thud heating the asphalt just behind him. He laid on his belly really quite and still, eyes squinting in pain and silently groaning in pain breathing fast and really shallow. He lift his head partially and checked on the man on the light post. He was not there anymore. “Did he shot me? Damn that’s not possible! It’s too dark here and he was the one on the light” Brian asked himself. “another person nearby? I’m must get out of here.” Brian crawled slowly and quietly biting his lower lip with eyes tightly closed holding-in the excruciating pain, but at the same time, his mind and ears are alert to the dangers that might be just a few yards from his location. Deep inside his mind, he somewhat thought the hit was not that bad cause somehow he could still move his leg, although he is dragging the affected leg so as not to induce more pain.

The rain poured the more angrily, but this time Brian thought if he is being hunted, the noise of the rain would be on his advantage; if he does not shiver and freeze to death that is. The pain and “laminated panic” helped Brian’s body release adrenergic chemicals that somehow alleviated the coldness and numbness he is experiencing.

“I’ve located him Old One” What!? Brian suddenly heard a whispered voice that somewhat emanated from inside his head. “Rain, Zimuths 300 strides from crawler across prairie far right 4 moving to crawler 8 not moving, they have a Nivi, wait for our diversion, be careful.” “I will.” “What the hell?!” Brian thought. The voices he heard was in a manner of a whisper but at the same time very clear, not from his ears, Brian is certain of that, he can’t hear a thing from all around but the bashing of rain into leaves and tall grasses around him. Based on the voice mentioning a prairie he realized that it’s not a cliff on the other side of the road but an open flat land.

Brian thought he could hide on the bushes to the left side of the road. He crawled steadily without making much noise, trying to listen carefully beyond the noise of the rain should anyone comes near him. He finally managed to reach the rough, side-wing of the road, felt the evenly spread stones as they brought pain to his hand and knees, but the pain does not really matter now, his mind was focused on reaching into a safer hiding area. Slowly he pushed into the tall bushes on the side. Somehow he felt safer upon entering the bushes, that he estimated about above-waist high. The rain was still very hard and the freezing wind bashed violently through the bushes in a violent swirling motion. “Oh God help, where am I” Brian suddenly found himself praying in desperation and panic, still hoping that this is all a bad dream; and from time to time trying to recall things that happened before this God forsaken moment, but to no avail. He noticed that the ground beneath the bushes is on a slope going upward. He continued on a climb going up. He covered a height about seven meters then the ground started leveling. The bushes are now not very tall and less dense. Suddenly his hands hit something hard, he tried to feel what it was, cause he could still barely see anything but a few fleeting light reflections coming from the rain and little streams of water. He ran his hands on the object and realized it is a root of a tree that is above ground. The wind blew really hard from his left; Brian instinctively used his hands to guide himself around the tree and hid himself behind the tree opposite from the direction of the wind.

A little bit of comfort he felt, as he eased himself between the protruding roots of the tree. Brian thought, with the dimension of it’s roots and texture of the skin , this should be a big old tree. “I’m on their left side now, about 20 meters, they did not notice me” the voice on Brian’s head is talking again. Brian on a bit of a comfortable position just stayed put and listened. Another voice came. “I’m approaching behind now, once I start the diversion, pull out the crawler.” “Okay” where is he now?” He is not moving, his beneath the old tree. Brian’s heart jumped, upon hearing the spoken words. “Are they talking about me?” Brian asked himself. “Dammit what’s happening.” Which tree? the voices continued. “Te Matua” a different calm voice answered. “Grey?” “Yep Old one sent me to rescue you both. “Yah Sure, some things never change.” Snap out you two. Where are you Grey?” very near crawler”

Dammit! Brian now thinks he’s the crawler and crawled fast going down back to the bushes to hide himself. “His moving!” “Grey! they noticed him!” “I’ll attack now.” With confusion and panic Brian crawled with all his strength inside the thick bushes, but was brought to a halt as he heard multiple gun fires not so far away coming from the vast open field on the other side of the road.

Grey! get him get him!! You two bring him to Old One! Suddenly Brian heard loud movement through the bushes fast moving towards his position. Alarmed, he got up as fast as he could, and ran, but after only about three strides, he felt a presence of a big creature also running very near on his side on the same direction and suddenly Brian felt strong jaws and teeth pierced through his thick jacket, and with very strong force threw him mid air and landed on bushes with a sloped ground which sent him rolling down. Brian almost passed out as he finally stopped rolling, but the creature was right there, grabbed him again with its jaws, by his jacket and lifted Brian up and started running a bit slower carrying him. Brian is almost unconscious now hanging by the creatures mouth, he felt his mind drifting into sleep, still he could hear shots being fired far away, before his mind finally gave up and blacked out.

– End of Chapter One –

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“Amidst Angels”
Copyright ©2014 N.A.R.Pis-an (nersonangelo)
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