My Bible Journey – Day 23

Day 23 – Genesis chapter 23
Death of Abrahams wife Sarah

Photo: The building that covers the “Cave of the Patriarchs” at Machpelah in Hebron, courtesy of




Image: Mausoleum of Sarah, 1911.


Photo: Huge foundation stones at Machpelah, courtesy of

“A Cave That Is A Grave

The building covers the Cave of Machpelah, the place the Bible refers to as the burial ground for the Hebrew patriarchs and their wives (Genesis 23:19; 25:9; 49:30; 50:13). In the first century BC, Herod the Great constructed a massive wall around the cave—a beautiful edifice with construction techniques similar to those of the Temple Mount.

As with Jerusalem’s Western Wall Tunnel, the massive size of the foundation stones surrounding Machpelah inspires awe to all who see them. With Herod’s signature relief framing the edges, each stone sits slightly offset from the one beneath it, providing the optical illusion of both loftiness and grandeur. Inside the wall, the pavement also dates to Herod’s day.” – From

Thanks to sources:
– ESV Bible by Crossway
– Olive Tree Bible Study App
– Wikipanion App | Wikipedia

Glad to have you aboard..
Happy Bible Journey!!
God bless.. 🙂



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