Ten Thousand Miles – Day 5


Our Hero of the Day is Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi

“While technically not hired by Osbourne, it’s easy to imagine how the early days of Black Sabbath may have formed Ozzy’s ideas of what made a great guitarist. Iommi was never a shredder like later guitar players Ozzy would work with, but he is probably the most influential metal guitarist of all time. Metal was born with Black Sabbath, and Iommi’s sound started it all.

As a kid working in a factory in England, Iommi lost the tips of two fingers on his fretting hand in an accident. Because of this injury, for most of his career he would detune his guitar a full step or more, and use prosthetic fingertips along with light-gauge string. Without his perseverance Black Sabbath may have never existed, and what a horrible world we’d be living in today.”

Tonny Iommi Descriptive Article from:

Ten Thousand Miles Journal


For Today’s Journey Insider
Creating Music Sessions
I spend a big chunk of my available time creating music.
I experiment on many workflows and approaches in doing so.

Thank You for your time.. 🙂


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