Daily Bible snippet (The Life of Paul) – Jealousy

Acts 13: 32-42

Please don’t put anger in your hearts, and be a non defensive accepting person. Up until now the Jewish stand against Paul is still on. But in a sense I think they are serving a purpose. In my very own view as a Christian, I think the Jewish people as represented in the Old and the New Testament of the Holy Bible always represents the day to day Christian that you meet everywhere. Why? Just look around you, all your close friends, talk to them about celebrities and other stuff and it’s quite easy for them to absorb. Now, talk about the “Good News of Christ” and you will see all walls arising! Even put your self the other side, and you will see your defenses armed.

Now why is this phenomenon always happening yet so many times we are caught unaware? It is then wise to always be on-guard of yourself as a Christian. Each time you look down to anyone because of their belief, you are actually looking down to yourself. “Each time you point your fingers to someone else, the rest of your other fingers are pointing at you.” So be a Christ-like Christian, respecting and loving other people as fellow human beings, not as opposition to your belief. Stand for what you believe without belittling the other. It is said in the book of Proverbs, “never to laugh at the fall of your enemies” I think it added that if you do he will turn his wrath against you. So when some people were laughing when the twin towers fell, there was a horrible wrong committed, but remember they might as well be just representing the very you. You may not be aware of it, but maybe at one time you felt so happy to a misfortune of someone you hate. Less drastic, but very the same thing.



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