The Cycle of War

Artist: nersonangelo – Film and Games music creations
Album: Rising Ember
Special Thanks to “Bennex” Disor for creating and teaching me how to play the fast guitar lick part in “The Cycle of War”

Original composition Inspired by the game Parasite Eve 2 by SQUARE ENIX
“The Cycle of War” From the album “Rising Ember”

nersonangelo film and game music creations – Music that paints the beauty of Life, Death, War, and Peace. Of letting go and embarking alone to an epic adventure.

“Rising Ember” Album is free to download and free to use for non-commercial projects at SOUNDCLOUD. Please don’t forget to give proper credit and links to the artist in your work.

Support this artist at Bandcamp –
nersonangelo’s music and writings –
-nersonangelo- 🙂




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