Daily Bible snippet

Proverbs 16:28-33
Image from Olive Tree Bible Study App
Bible Translation: NLTse by Tyndale

Well I hope some realized how valuable the Proverbs are. How it is a great source of guidance and wisdom that we could use to live wisely and righteously before God. I know this is very easily said than done, that’s why our Lord Jesus Christ throughout his life never stopped reminding his disciple to pray, pray without ceasing. Yet the greatest disciples themselves always fell to sleep. Be kind to yourself, never give up hope until the end. Remember the disciples were far from perfection as they were rebuked by Christ throughout their time together. The great disciple Peter was even addressed by Christ as a devil, but did he gave up? When Peter swear that he would go unto the death with Christ and then later realized that he then denied his relationship with Christ three times like a dog returning to his vomit, did he give up? He wept bitterly but accepted himself, held on to the kindness of Christ that he always knew and became even greater. When we offer everything we do to Christ all throughout the day, even going to sleep would become a prayer. That’s what our Lord God is longing for. That’s what He calls a living sacrifice.


In connection with this Daily Bible Snippet would be unto the story Saul, yes the evil Saul who persecuted the early Christians everywhere who was looking, consenting to the crowd as they stoned to death the great disciple Stephen. This evil Saul through Christ glorious ways then became Paul.




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