Written Life – 61


Reflection and music promotion

I remembered I wrote a goal to finish then Publish my music album Rising Ember 2nd week this November, but I felt uncomfortable with deadlines, so I “erased” that goal and focused instead on daily tasks working really hard. I finish and published Rising Ember last October 31 on a Hollows’ Eve.

Here’s one of my favorite track, No more reason to stay

CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE ALBUM HERE nersonangelo.bandcamp.com


4 thoughts on “Written Life – 61

    • Thanks Arv… I use An electric guitar, few effects, a keyboard, and Cubasis/Cubase Audio Workstation. 🙂 Had a lot of hard times doing this album. I have very limited recording equipment. Headphone jack nga lang gamit ko pangrecord input hehe. Hope I can obtain additional equipments for the next..

      • Ilang composition ba ginawa mo? Super Galing naman po kahit limited equip lg.. ako sa youtube lg nag-aaral ng acoustic guitar di pa makuha ng tama..hehe


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