Daily Bible snippet

I notice this happening everyday. On the left and right, in front and in the back of my ears, and worst even resonating from my own. Every time I learned how to make them feel I am against and not interested in the conversation by just being quite and less responsive. I will make them feel they are doing a shameful deed at the moment that our Lord God hates, as it is written on the scripture above. We should do it not to insult these people but because we love them and we understand them, because of the realization that even Us, with the understanding, find ourselves doing it from time to time. And that I should always be mindful of my tongue. All my problems and hurts come from it almost all of the time. As Jesus said, ” there is nothing that goes in, into a man that could defile him, but what goes out of the him.
Image from Olive Tree Bible Study App
Bible Version: NLTse by Tyndale



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