Wish I could Draw series (notice)

WISH I COULD DRAW series – a documentary of me studying an art that at first I thought you have to be gifted to enjoy and will try to believe it otherwise. I’m following drawing lesson books that I really like, namely “Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson, “Light and Shadow in Drawing” Barron’s Publishing, ” Practical Guide to Drawing Landscapes by Peter Gray and Concepts from Watercolour Painting by Mark Topham. I wish I can find and use some other great drawing lesson books in the future. Most of these books I found in a book sale in my country, really love searching for this really cool and affordable “knowledge Gems” there.


I’m not updating this anymore, bit sad but just can’t do everything.. Jesus Christ saying will be true to anything. “You can’t serve to masters.”
But I’m very happy and thankful to God that there are so many “Artist” here and out everywhere who keeps my eyes and soul nourished with beautiful sketches and paintings each time my eyes come longing for them.

Writing and music I can manage. Maybe they should be together like lyric in a song. Thank you for understanding.

God bless…

About Music, I am hopeful and praying for it this coming November. It’s somehow related to the “peaceful warmth and war” in that beautiful thing below.. So stay tuned.. 🙂

animated fire photo: Animated Fire fire.gif
Tree Art work and words: nersønangelø
Fire still burning at photobucket.com



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