Daily Bible snippet

I noticed and probably you also that the Gospel of John did not mention about Judas kissing Jesus which is very popular in other Gospels telling account of this event. I put into consideration that the Bible was written by Persons who witnessed the life of Jesus Christ and I think not even the eye witness themselves so understandably they will have their vantage points in telling the story. If you join them together though from the Old Testament to the new (although honestly I have not read the whole Old Testament) they all are pointing to the Truth that is in Christ Jesus the son of God and our Savior.

What I am telling is that, it is very important to read the book ourselves, and these “snippets” are just reminders or a tiny depiction of how beautiful the holy Bible is for our lives.

John 18:1-11
Image cropped from Olive Tree Bible Study app
Bible Translation: NLTse by Tyndale



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