Passion Lost

I look, and stare, and wonder,
how yesterday on you, I was all over.
But today there isn’t any strength to gather
I am so used to putting you down
just before my eyes in tiredness close,
and so in hurry to get back to you
as the morning sun glows.
I look out far above to the clouds
hovering above leaves of trees below.
Took in a deep breath and out
a sigh, sadness I tried to let go
My mind kept wandering,
so different from a day ago
when all I think and did is hold you.
Suddenly I became angry,
Who took it away, dammit!
Give it back to me!
mmmh… It somehow sounds like pertaining to a woman, actually this is a passion about a musical instrument..
Musicians Relate!! 😀
side note: A woman is different though. She embodies the beauty of life on her own, while I have to provide life to an instrument.. 🙂

artwork and poem: nersønangelø



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