Wish I could draw – day 12


This was day 12 and my last drawing practice using Bert Dodson’s “Keys to Drawing” Book 😦

(Maybe I’ll come back to you in the future)

There are still many lessons and exercises left from the book but I will be looking for another references next time. I found a really nice drawing lessons site when I was browsing YouTube, I think I’d take lessons from it next before transferring to another one of my books.

Anyway this exercise is a matching tone exercise. The picture above I copied directly from the book and the task was to match how dark or light the portions of the sample drawing are. Pretty much like the tonal bar, but this time the dark and light areas are in various places of the image instead of a gradual change like that of the tonal bar. And that above is the result of the exercise..

side note:

if anyone wondering why I’m trying to learn to draw effectively, the reason is I want to illustrate my “Written Life” series better and fast. For now I will just put them in some index card image-text form, cause I just can’t keep up with time available. If I get good in drawing in the near future… 😉 and have the time later in life (hopefully not yet holding a cane), I’ll come back to them 1 by 1 and try to create a nice artwork for each.

See you next time for yet another epic adventure.. Hehe.. Really thanks for your time… 😉