From cover to cover


Not even the longest motion picture can capture you.
All the points of view in each mind you could vividly show.
You are so gentle with my eyes,
and I could reminisce the grains of wood
for their scent you carry with you.

The sepia tone is your coat which encloses
those vibrant color of each character
walking, creeping, or flying in each and every leaf
as I internalize they brightly glow.

And you have the power of time,
for in every flip of excitement I make,
the clock ticks faster,
that it was already sundown,
when I took a breather
and looked out the window.

When I was small and did not know about you,
I always wonder how they were able to stare for hours on you,
when the pictures you show are but one or two.
But now I know, during that day when I decided to tarry for a few,
you held me in place and at peace as you showed me
a whole new world inside of you.
Image and Poem: nersønangelø
Book on Image: “Rainbow Six” by Tom Clancy
Genre: Counterterrorism, Intel and espionage
Just finished reading the book!!
Motivated me to write a poem about books.. Thank You Tom.. 🙂