Wish I could Draw – day 10



(Sigh)… Ahhm.. Hope you did not notice those Master Pieces of Art up there, but if you did I was the legendary artist who drew them.. Hehe.. ;D

Okay this is “Wish I could Draw,” the 10th day that I did a practice drawing exercise. This exercise is very much related to Day 9, but purely following the rules of the exercise this time. The results of my drawing may somewhat look unworthy to be posted here but, hey! In my opinion this is the coolest exercise and lesson yet from my friend (he doesn’t know we are friends) Bert Dodson in His book Keys to Drawing. In this lesson I read in his book a really nice phrase so important for this lesson, it says; So “Did you catch the “I-don’t-care-how-this-turns-out” attitude?” Yeah!! Nice.. I really love that line, I’ll be using it not only in drawing 😉

Anyway the lesson is Developing my Free-Handwriting. Bert’s book Implies to me that artists are consciously and or unconsciously, are using both Controlled and free-handwriting during a drawing process. Come to think of it, no matter how good the artist is, (I’m talking about his patience and endurance), the truth is each artist has limited resources, specially time, not to mention drying paint on the palette. So if an artist mainly uses the closed or controlled handwriting which is very careful and time consuming he would most likely end up very tired and the the final product will suffer.

Gesture drawing is usually used for very fast capture of subject specially during sketches, the focus is not directly the subject, but on capturing what the subject is doing. The book says that Free-handwriting is characterized as “quick, sketchy, assertive, nervy, sweeping, connected, impulsive, loose and most important what Bert said the “I-don’t-care-how-this-turns-out” attitude. ;D

About the exercise it’s properly labeled above on the images;

First I did the 1-minute gesture drawing. I drew a woman doing an exercise with just 60 seconds, mainly trying to capture what she was doing. The second exercise is connected-line drawing for 2 minutes. I drew from a picture of a man sitting, the idea is start to finish drawing without ever lifting my pen from the paper, and finally the third one is the 5-minute burn where I was asked to draw all the clutters in my desk, which was unfortunately very cluttered that time that I had to move very fast to be able to draw all things that were on my desk. Planning to keep doing the exercise cause as you could see my products during this exercise is not that pretty 🙂

Thank You for your time… =)

Here’s a bonus quote I just remembered, rephrased from Rick Warren “No matter how boring or less competent the one that is teaching, with a good and humble attitude you will learn something.”
Lesson Excerpts From: Bert, Dodson. “Keys to Drawing.”



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