Wish I could Draw – day 9


Day 9 of my learning to draw quest is an exercise, an introduction to freehand drawing. I will discuss more what Bert Dodson’s Book asserts regarding this aspect of drawing next time on day 10. For now my mission is to select an object and draw or capture it as fast as I can within 60 seconds. The book said that a jacket draped on a chair would be a great subject for the exercise so I did.

I drew as fast as I can, my eyes fixed on the subject glancing on my paper only a second or less. The result is not that drawing above, after 60 seconds, I only managed to draw the frame of the jacket and the chair.

Later I felt the urge to continue drawing and adding details on the hollow drawing on my paper and also shadows. I forgot to take a picture of the actual 60 sec drawing, sorry.

On day 10, I will not add any detail like this one to seriously show the result of the exercise, and I will also discuss a little what the book says plus my views on this topic which is Gesture Drawing using Free-handwriting.

Thank you for your time.. =)
artwork and words: nersønangelø



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