Written Life – 6 (Love thy neighbor)

Love Thy Neighbors

It’s only me and my younger sister that’s left in our home in the Philippines. Our very loving and supportive Father, Mother and Sister, is quite far away striving to make our lives as a family better with the hope of a reunion someday. With Gods blessing we already had many short reunions during special holidays when they were able to come home.

Anyway, the photo above is our little table in the kitchen, and the plenty of food I only bought for 35pesos (more or less 75 cents in US currency) from our neighbor “anti Ebbie” not quite certain of the spelling. Me and my sister, specially me, (because my younger sister is good in cooking but not really “into it”) do not give much time on cooking, specially when she is on duty or I am on duty cause we’re both nurses even my other sister.

So many times I just ended up eating canned goods the whole day or frozen-then-fried food. I really don’t like those days, I feel sick. Usually I’d play soccer in the afternoon just to get rid of the preservatives that specially are stacked more in my head.

But lately I found out that our neighbor is cooking, what do we call that.. “Home cooked foods” maybe, that sort of vegetable really natural quite healthy stuff and then bringing it to their little home cooked store beside the highway. Before they could bring those food far away, I make sure I already highjack or intercept the food in their kitchen door!.. 😀

So I am very thankful to God us I bring few coins to their little cooking kitchen everyday.. Thank “anti Ebbie” and her staff 🙂 sorry if I misspelled your name, “anti” means aunt.. Hehe.. 😉
image and words: nersønangelø
written life 6


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