Fading (enamor)


Guess its just so far
that I could see that even
your shadows fading in mind
Guess its just too long ago
that we could not even dream
of the past

I guess this world is just too wide
that we could not even look
at each others eyes

And I say hey
watch me break out from this fall
and I say hey
we gonna do this just like before
and I say hey
I can see them their coming more
and I say hey
all all of them they’re my enamor
yeah yeah yeah

Now our chances just are so thin
makes me wonder if I’ll ever
see you again
And the paces are just so small
yet the mountains we’re for are so tall

Yea His will never falls
I just wonder if He could
hear me call yeah..

repeat chorus
words and music: nersønangelø

Wrote this I think almost a decade ago. Just used Garageband in iPad to record and form the song. Not really comfortable singing, but I want to. It’s more personal this way. Planning to invite some friends over to sing few of my compositions left. Hopefully. Thanks for listening 🙂



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