Wish I could Draw – day 7

Day 7 of my learning to draw journey, is about experiencing the handwriting of a master. This is an exercise from Bert Dodson’s book “Keys to Drawing”. The idea is simply to copy one art piece from a master, and copying it in his drawing style, giving attention to how he makes each strokes and probably if possible, what was he feeling and experiencing while creating the art.

I decided to copy a still life artwork by Giorgio Morandi because in his style strokes are very clear and deliberate. I think he mainly uses crosshatching. I just copied a portion of the artwork since his style will take so many hours to finish and really I think it’s quite hard.

As you can see in my drawing, my transition from dark to light or the soft edges are very poor, in fact I made a mistake with the crosshatching process that I did. The book explained what is crosshatching, but I think it failed to explain how to properly do it.

The mistake I think is the way I angled my hatches, pressure or what not. As you can see in the left side, probably in my wandering on how to properly use this technique, I created a diagram on how I will do my hatching. So what happened, the one labeled poor transition created a hard edge instead of the soft edge transition, as you can see it in the background. I am not certain, but think hatches that are paralleled to the object will tend to create this hard edges in this style . What I did, I changed the hatching direction into a simple “X” direction just stacking one after the other to make it darker or a few to make it lighter.

Overall it’s currently quite a hard technique for me. I think I’ll look for other books that elaborates more on this style. For now I am more comfortable just using simple shading using pressure technique to make soft transition. Although I still like the “organic” feel and look of arts using hatching.

I think there are many people here who have these technique of crosshatching under their sleeves, so please feel free and I’d be very happy if you would be kind enough to shed some light on the idea. Also hope a reader could give me some great lesson links on this one… Thanks for reading..

Now Practice! Practice! 🙂



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