Wish I could Draw – Zero



Decided to take a day off yesterday. Anyway, today I decided to make a little flashback. Before I decided to create the ” Wish I could draw” series and eventually Blogging, was just a normal day which I spent honing my musical skills, reading and my usual visit to a “book sale” store.

Back home, I noticed that every time I am tired, I sit down and do nothing but browse at beautiful art works in the Internet, usually in DeviantArt.com and sometimes in Tumblr. I found it very relaxing and usually kept me thinking, “wish I could create such beautiful paintings” Usually I keep my eyes on digital art, cause I am also very much “into” Gaming.

I observed, my gaming hobby that eventually turned into addiction, very time consuming and unproductive, so I spent the last few years just waging war over it. That included destroyed CD’s ugh! what a waste, but I firmly believe that wasted time – however would you like to define it – is the worst sin. Just like you wasted time cheating on your wife. Hmmm.. Make sense. (Oh I’m not fit using that example, I’m not married ) Anyway, my time is my life, so if I waste it, I’m wasting my life, hmmm.. Make sense still, ( that’s just a rephrase from Rick Warren by the way).

Thus came one of my most remembered words of Jesus Christ, this is not accurate, but I think He stated it this way, ” What makes you sin, pluck it out… If your eyes causes you to sin pluck it out, better come into my kingdom with one eye than be complete but thrown into hell.

So… God! where was I… Oh yes..! instead of admiring beautiful artwork in games, which I think is one of the reason why I love gaming and the storyline of course, I transferred my attention into painting and digital art appreciation, and for story lines, to reading books.. Yes! I wish I could also write a story, I think it would also be great. And that is the birth of my new blogging life.. Thank you WordPress..

These are my drawings when I first wondered if it is possible for me to learn how to draw. They are just drawings copied from books and pictures or sketches from other artists in the Internet. I got attracted to perspective drawing and landscape drawing. They are my future artwork type, that I am planning to master if I get good in drawing. For now I’m following exercises from the drawing lesson books I have which titles and authors I mentioned in my about page.


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