Wish I could Draw – day 6

Yeah! Day 6 of my drawing journey.. Day 6 exercise is about training my eyes to see “trapped” shapes.

The book told me that if I draw the “trapped” shapes, along the way I am also drawing parts of the real object. The “trapped” shapes are those “void” spaces formed within the object.

For example if I form a triangle using my fingers, the existing object is my hand, the “trapped” shape is the triangle I formed using my fingers.

The good part is that the “trapped” shapes are usually easier to draw when I tried it, after, I realized I already drew part of my hands that I am having difficulty drawing.

That bicycle is my sister’s. actually it’s not gray it’s red. My sister bought it, used a couple of times then left at the back of our house so weeds and maybe a vine could climb and maybe learn to ride one. Good for the vine. She looked lonely and thought shed be a nice drawing model.

Regarding the books I use, they are properly acknowledged in my “About” page. Decided not to put Book names in my posts, I tried it once, it looked like I’m advertising a book hehe.. Have a nice day… 🙂



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