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Have you ever experienced pushing the “Publish” button then after 5 seconds someone “Liked” your 250-words article?

Don’t be one of those who blazes through peoples creation, liking everyone along the way with secondary gain in mind; to be liked in return or gain exposure. If it does not fit your purposes then move on and find yourself; those articles that speaks to you or in-line with your interest, or read a book where surely you have supported a writer. You will not go to jail if you will not “like” all your friends works, and honestly its impossible and you don’t have all the time in the world.

Liking an article by just reading it’s title? Where’s the Justice in that? Individuals pour their heart in their writing thus should be respected, understood and even pondered upon. We only have enough time for the path that we have chosen, thus spending our day mindlessly pushing a hundred “like” button justifying ourself along the way is dishonesty towards ourselves and a passionate writer.

It will always be true, we can’t please everyone, and definitely we are not here to do so.

Be Free.

Image: From 7428.net

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2 responses to “Written Life – 118 Like Like like like???

  1. I actually do like your article and agree wholeheartedly. It is disheartening to try to convey a message and get a response only to find that they want me to buy this or that or follow or like them. But, we will continue to write because that is what writers do, right?